PCB Design & Embeded Solutions

Get some muscle behind your product

We’ll meet advanced needs for your applications, so you can get the best version of your next offering to market quickly, with minimized complexity.

Build world-class products with processing power delivered by embedded boards supplied by IEE. When you are trying to get a product to market quickly, you need to find the right hardware to balance both technical and financial requirements.

You need to know whether those specifications can be met using an off-the shelf board, and if customization is required, you need a provider that can handle it seamlessly. IEE is up to the job, and we can even handle custom form factors, I/O and other requirements without compromising delivery times or cost.

We ensure that your solution will function in harsh operating environments, meeting your specifications for ruggedization and longevity. The components in IEE solutions are supported with extended production and support lifecycles, covering you for the long haul as you maximize your investment in product development.

And when you’re ready to expand to new global markets, IEE is ready to support that growth with the ability to certify, deliver and support your embedded boards anywhere in the world.

embedded computer circuit board

IEE is a capable partner at your side

At design time, IEE works with you to develop the right board solution to ensure high performance and fast time to market, at the right price point. Our investments in engineering, design and manufacturing accelerate product development, taking advantage of our decades of experience in specialized areas that range from technical simulations to customizing BIOS and board support packages.

Throughout the product lifecycle, you can depend on IEE’s deep experience and understanding around all aspects of embedded computing. We have deep insight into the selection of the best hardware for the job, and if you need custom form factors or functionality, IEE is prepared to handle even the most complex electromechanical design requirements, handle custom manufacturing and even print custom boards for you in-house.

Uniquely qualified for your success

Because IEE maintains franchise relationships with technology partners, we offer you the benefit of that direct pricing and insight into future product roadmaps as well as early access to new offerings. We also have the technology expertise to make alterations to boards, including design services around layout and compatibility of mechanical, electronic, and electrical components.

To make changes at the physical level, IEE maintains state-of-the-art automated manufacturing facilities to add or change components soldered to the board. We can reach deep into the internals of those technologies as well, making changes to firmware, thermal characteristics and operating parameters to meet the needs of your particular solution.

Beyond the product development stage, IEE can implement and maintain your solution at the customer site, including providing support call centers for your customers and exchange depot services to streamline handling of equipment failures. We also monitor end-of-life projections for all components in your solution, making last-time purchases and holding them in inventory when needed. These deep capabilities put you firmly in control of your product’s production and support lifecycle while maintaining the integrity of your brand by consistently delivering top-notch customer service without adding complexity to your business.

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